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Megalithic Sites at Megaliths.Net


Stars Stones and Scholars:
The Decipherment of the Megaliths

(2003 softcover)
(2006 hardcover)

stars stones scholars


Ancient Signs
The Alphabet
& The Origins of Writing


My newest print & ebook, Ancient Signs
shows that our modern alphabet is based on alphabets derived from syllabic scripts (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus).

Megalithic Sites
(main links to deciphered sites)

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kaulins scotland
Andis Kaulins Scotland 2001
At Balnuaran of Clava

kaulins malta
Andis Kaulins in Malta 1988
Malta Temples, at Tarxien

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Megalithic Sites of Ancient Britain in England and Wales:
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Megaliths Deciphered

The megalithic sites
of Ancient Britain
in England and Wales
represent a planisphere
- a sky map - of the stars
of both hemispheres ca.
3000 B.C.

We know from recent discoveries about ancient seafaring
that an ancient knowledge of the stars
of the Southern Hemisphere
can be considered possible for ancient seafarers.

This map shows an astronomical overview of megalithic sites
of Ancient Britain in England & Wales.
First-time users please read the Index Page thoroughly for understanding.

This is a clickable map
of the megalithic sites
and their stars
in Ancient Britain
(if your browser supports it).

Bedford Cambridge Therfield Heath RoystonStar Surveying GeometryHerefordshire Oxfordshire GloucestershireIsle of Man North Wales Corona Australis SagittariusSouth Wales Scorpio Arthurs Stone Serpens Caput Paviland OphiuchusCornwall Crux CentaurusCornwall Apus Musca Large Magellanic CloudDevon Kents Cavern Torquay Virgo BoötesKents Cavern Torquay Torbay Merlin's CaveAries Pisces Cetus West SussexGrus Indus Pavo Southern Triangle East SussexStonehenge Silbury Hill Knowlton Pleiades Perseus TaurusGemini Somerset SwalletsKent Coldrum Catigern Ara JullieberriesWayland's Smithy Andromeda Pegasus Vale of the White HorseLewes bottom stars of Capricorn GNOMON 3117 BCBedford Cambridge Therfield Heath RoystonLiverpool Manchester CalderstonesDerbyshire Peak District AquilaCreswell Crags Lincoln Aquila CapricornRombalds Moor Pavo Indus OctansCumbria Southern Polar Star Dorado Hydrus ReticulumSnowden Carr Large Magellanic Cloud Bird of ParadiseRudston Stone Yorkshire Eridanus HydrusRudston Stone Yorkshire Eridanus HydrusYorkshire Thornborough Circles Ripon Southern Pole Star Calculation englandmap

Neolithic Sites
in England and Wales
and their astronomical orientation

Click a map area above
(not supported by all browsers)


Click a link further above
for megaliths in a certain area
of England and Wales

First-time users,
please read the Index Page thoroughly
for understanding.

The clickable map above shows an overview of the decipherment of the Neolithic (Stone Age) megalithic sites of England and Wales. We are of the opinion that Ancient Britain ca. 3000 BC was geographically surveyed by astronomy, using the "map of the heavens" as the model for the "map on Earth". Accordingly, certain areas of Ancient Britain represent certain stars and stellar constellations of the sky, including the southern heavens.

Below is a typical regional map (Wiltshire, not clickable)
and below that a typical decipherment of a megalithic site in that region.


Megaliths England Stonehenge Wilshire

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Waylands Smithy
Andis Kaulins in 2000

Megaliths Net Pinterest Image

kaulins la hogue bie
Go in there? Will it hold?
after 5000 years?

kaulins jersey
JERSEY, 2000
Andis at La Hogue Bie

andis kaulins carnac
Andis at Carnac 2000
Who, me?
Count all those

kaulins england
In The Cotswolds
Andis Kaulins England 2000 - The Decipherment of the Megaliths

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