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Megalithic Sites of Germany

Externsteine (Extern Stones) - North Celestial Pole
Oesterholz - Measure of the Heavens
Denghoog on Sylt - Scorpio (front)
Albersdorf Brutkamp - Scorpio (Antares)
Bunsoh Schalenstein - Scorpio (back)
Lehmsiek Eckernförde - Sagittarius (front)
Waldhusen Lübeck - Sagittarius (back)
Blankensee - Scutum
Oldenburg - Ophiuchus
Kleinenkneten - Serpens Caput
Kellersteine - Serpens
Visbek - Ophuchus and Serpens
Vehrte Osterkappel Sünntelstein - Corona Borealis
Rügen - Aquila
Fallingbostel Walsrode Siebensteinhäuser - Draco Hercules
Boitin Schwerin Rostock Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Cygnus Lyra Sagitta Vulpecula Delphinus
Berlin - Pegasus
Kyffhäuser Andisleben - Cassiopeia Cepheus
Braunschweig Goldene Hirsch - Cepheus
Grossenrode Moringen - Ursa Minor
Kassel - Ursa Major
Kyhna Delitzsch - Perseus
Nickern Dresden - Pleiades
Netherlands - Libra
Weris Belgium - Virgo
Luxembourg Ferschweiler - Corvus
Moselle Trittenheim - Leo
Marburg Kirchhain - Leo Minor
Fulda Bad Hersfeld - Lynx
Blieskastel Gollenstein Saarland - Hydra
Stromberg Schindeldorf - Cancer
Saulheim - Gemini (upper twins)
Felsenmeer - Well of Gemini
Bavaria - Orion
Schwörstadt Bad Säckingen - Canis Major

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Stars Stones and Scholars :
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The Origin of the Cult of Horus
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Stars Stones andd Scholars


This map shows an astronomical overview of megalithic sites in Germany.
First-time users please read the Index Page thoroughly for understanding.


Germany Megaliths

The megaliths of Germany and what we might call "ancient Germania"
are, acccording to our research, centered at the Extern Stones (Externsteine).
See a reference to our publication on the Extern Stones here.

The nearby site of Oesterholz was used to measure the heavens.
A reference to our forthcoming publication on Oesterholz will appear here
after we have given a presentation on the astronomy of Oesterholz
at the 40th Conference
of the Walther Machalett Association for Preshistory and Early History,
May 24 to May 28, 2006, in Hotel Vialon in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany.

The Extern Stones (we think the name means "Star Stones", from German Stern "star")
mark the North Celestial Pole in the ancient survey of Germany by astronomy.

Starting in the North of Germany, the following megalithic sites marked the following stars, asterisms or stellar constellations. The ancients did not always use the exact same stars for constellations or asterisms as we do today, but they are close.

Scorpio - (German Skorpion, here the front stars) - Denghoog on Sylt

Antares in Scorpio - Brutkamp in Albersdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

Scorpio (back stars, stinger) - Schalenstein in Bunsoh, Schleswig-Holstein

Sagittarius (Schütze) - (front stars, possibly also the back stars of Scorpio)
Lehmsiek Dolmen near Eckernförde (nearest large city is Kiel)

Sagittarius (back stars, possibly all of Sagittarius) - Wildhusen near Lübeck

Capricorn (Steinbock) (this is uncertain) - Usedom

Scutum (Schild) (this is very uncertain) - south of Lübeck at Blankensee

Ophiuchus (Schlangenträger), Serpens (Schlange), Hercules (Herkules)
east of Cloppenburg and south of Oldenburg and marked by the megalithic sites
Visbek, Wildeshausen, Kleinenkneten, Großenkneten
Visbeker Braut, Visbeker Bräutigam, Visbeker Kellersteine, Glaner Steine, Pestruper Gräberfeld

Corona Borealis (Nördliche Krone) - Süntelstein near Vehrte and Osterkappel

Aquila (Adler) - Rügen - marked by megalithic sites
The Rügen cult of the four-headed pagan god Svantovit surely derives
from a much later era when Aquila marked the Winter Solstice.
In our view the name Svantovit
comes from the Baltic Old Prussian svint- "holy"and vieta "place".
Many surrounding sites have names starting with Put-
since Indo-European e.g. Baltic Latvian putnis = "bird".
We think that the name Rügen derives from Indo-European e.g. Baltic Old Prussian arelis, German Adler, Latvian erglis (whence RÜGen), Lithuanian aranis all meaning "eagle", and hence the tribes of Rügen were called the Ranen. The use of the eagle as a Germanic symbol of state power can perhaps be traced to Prussia and the Ranen.

Siebensteinhäuser - Draco (Drache), North Ecliptic Pole
This site is also related to Hercules.

Cygnus (Schwan) - at Boitin between Rostock and Schwerin
The many sites of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mark
Cygnus, Lyra (Leier), Aquila, Sagitta (Pfeil), Vulpecula (Fuchs) and Delphinus (Delphin).

Pegasus - Berlin (the Quadriga of Berlin appears to be a coincidence)

Kyffhäuser - Cassiopeia (Kassiopeia, the name Kyff- is taken from Cepheus)
As we wrote in the book Stars Stones and Scholars:
"The sites of Kyffhäuser and Nebra are just above the German town of "Andisleben", a namesake of this author's first name Andis. The interesting confluence of names is that Jostandis in Lithuanian is the name for Cassiopeia meaning "belt" or "crown" of heaven. In fact, the star beta-Cassiopeia, the upper right-hand corner of this "belt", is called Caph, Chaph or Kaff in Arabic, suggesting an original relation with Kyff." See Allen's Star Names. According to Germanic legend, "the ravens of Wotan (Odin) flew around the mountain of Kyffhäuser. We see a black bird pictured above Cassiopeia at Hierakonpolis on the Naqada astronomical Wall Painting - as we have deciphered it."

Golden Stag (Der Goldene Hirsch im Elm) near Braunschweig - Cepheus (Kepheus)
This is the possibly the "horn" of the Milky Way and thus represented by a horned animal.

Ursa Minor (Kleiner Bär) - Großenrode - Moringen - South Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)
between Northeim, Hardegsen and Nörten-Hardenberg near Göttingen

Kassel - Ursa Major (Großer Bär), i.e. the German Kessel ("kettle" of the Big Dipper).
This includes Kloster Weißenstein, the Riesenstein near Züschen and Altendorf, the Hünstein of Baunatal-Großenritte, the Wodanstein of Gudensberg-Maden, the Dolmen (also called Riesenstein) near Ellenberg, east of Gudensberg, between Lohne and Züschen

Kyhna (Arabic Gienah), County Delitzsch - Perseus
Algenib (Al-GEN-ib) as Gienah is the "wing" or "tip" star of Perseus.

Nickern near Dresden - Pleiades (Siebengestirn)
(this is a prediction, we have not yet seen maps seen of this site)

Thüringen - Taurus (Stier)
(no megalithic site is known to us yet for this prediction)

Aquarius (Wassermann) - Poland
(this is yet speculative as no corresponding megalithic site is yet known)

Cetus (Walfisch) - Czech Republic - The Czechs are in our opinion
related to the historical Chatti who also include the Hessians
(this is yet speculative as no corresponding megalithic site is yet known).
Ancient astronomical sources (see Allen's Star Names) seem to indicate that CETus was a "dog fish", i.e. a monster fish with whiskers, which would be the CATfish (Katzenwels),
the largest freshwater fish known, reaching the size of a grizzly bear.

Libra (Waage) - Netherlands
marked by the megalithic sites at Assen, Borger, Emmen and Meppel

Virgo (Jungfrau) - the north half of Belgium
This megalithic site is found on a line running from the Scheldt (Terneuzen)
to Weris = Virgo and on to the Gollenstein (Hydra).
Virgo is marked by Weris

Corvus (Rabe) - Luxembourg - Ferschweiler

Leo (Löwe) - the Hunsrück ("the Huns Back", Leo, the flat part of Leo)
Trittenheim marks Regulus
Traben-Trarbach, the megalith die Rote Göttin (Red Goddess) marks gamma-Leonis,
which is a reddish-orange star similar in color to this megalith

Leo Minor (Kleiner Löwe) - Der Lange Stein, Kirchhain-Langenstein

Lynx (Luchs) - Unterstoppel, near Fulda

Hydra (Wasserschlange) - Gollenstein in Blieskastel, Spellenstein in Rentrisch, St. Ingbert

Cancer (Krebs) - Stromberg (the mythical Glasberg) - several megaliths, numerous mounds

Gemini (Zwillinge, the "upper" twins, Castor and Pollux) - Saulheim

Felsenmeer - Odenwald - the "well" of Gemini and the "lower" twins

Orion - Bavaria

Sirius, Canis Major (Gkroßer Hund) - Heidenstein in Schwörstadt
near Bad Säckingen on the Swiss-German border
(the Hunnenstein, Niederdossenbach, Baden-Württemberg
just above Schwörstadt may be a precessional correction
or else marks another star in Canis Major)

Switzerland marked the Argo, though its name may go back to Sirius

Austria (the Raetians) marked Eridanus

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The Photography
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Martha Walker nee Schubel
at Wayland's Smithy
(what figure does this stone
in its entire size represent?)

Below (the Gollen Stone)


The Book - Back Cover
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